Path: history.txt
Last Update: Mon Dec 19 22:34:10 +0100 2011

0.0.4 19/12/2011

  • convert examples to RDOC using example_task
  • added transitive dependency trees from references
  • patched the rubyzip for invalid flags found in some JARs
  • add some examples
  • fixed generate_class_lists.rb
  • finish first version of DSL with loading/values
  • added Eclipse project aware classpath
  • added Maven aware classpath
  • added ZipFile abstraction over rubyzip gem
  • added class scanning "framework" and imported types Scanners
  • added CachingClasspath
  • added usage of system 7za/unzip (if available) which unpack much faster
  • added option to unpack JARs for faster access later
  • added support for Java Enum and Annotations
  • added DSL like shortcuts for java.* and javax.* package and class names.
  • added interfaces implemented by the class
  • fixed string ux problem in Ruby 1.9
  • replaced leading 0 in exponent of float/double because of Linux printf
  • split Gemspec from Rakefile as proposed by Yeguda Katz

0.0.3 02/10/2010

  • integrated ClassList from another project as first analyser
  • added abstraction of Java names to all class names that are returned
  • fixed links in RDoc, update documentation
  • moved classes into submodules for classpath, classfile, etc.
  • migrated to Google Code and Mercurial repository
  • added access flag $1000
  • added references to used classes
  • added classpath abstraction

0.0.2 08/04/2009

  • refactored code to smaller objects for version and constant pool
  • fixed float and double constant pool items
  • added tests
  • added implementation with class name and references of a class file

0.0.1 01/03/2009

  • extracted initial version of javaclass-rb from ClassList project
  • reads the class version and package/public flag of a class
  • understands the constant pool of class file but does not use it